The Ruthless Sister 


Bozo Mag is pleased to announce "The Ruthless Sister", a performance by Akina Cox at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park on Sunday, June 10th, from 12-4pm. 

For millennia, people have developed methods of looking for signs among the chaotic and mundane. "The Ruthless Sister" explores the human desire to look for life's answers by ascribing significance to meaningless phenomena. Dust, rocks, smoke and bones are just a few of the tools that have been used to decipher the future.

Marbling is an ancient divination technique originating in the Middle East, and Central Asia. The process relies on the natural separation of oil and water to create arbitrary designs on paper. The resulting composition is used to reveal heavenly intentions, much like the reading of tea leaves.

During the performance of "The Ruthless Sister", Cox and several assistants will marble paper with participants. Cox will subsequently give private readings on the resulting work. • 323 896 0712 for more info

additional photos by Hayley Barker & Kara Joslyn